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Funny Auto Insurance Accident Statements

Auto Insurance

These are a few actual funny auto insurance accident statements given by policy holders to claims adjusters. Most of us know the process. You get in an accident and it is your word vs. theirs, unless there is a witness to the accident. You file an auto insurance claim and the adjuster asks you questions and you give … More

Wind Mitigation Inspection Discounts

If you have homeowner’s insurance in Brevard County you have most likely dealt with Wind Mitigation Inspection discounts. The purpose of the Wind Mitigation Inspection is to verify qualities of your home that will help deter damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. One of the largest discounts that can be obtained is from the roof to wall attachment … More

Refer a Friend

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To kick off 2016 Coverage Pro has rolled out the most rewarding referral program in Brevard County. You Win You can be confident your clients, friends and family will be well taken care of at Coverage Pro. You can trust that our 36 years of experience providing competitive, high quality insurance will leave your referral with a smile. They Win … More

Assignment of Benefits

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A leaking copper pipe

Consider this scenario. You notice damage to your house and you call a contractor to make repairs. He shows up and asks you to sign a form so that he can take care of everything for you and bill your homeowner’s insurance. Seems convenient right? You just un-knowingly signed a form that gave this contractor all … More

5 Easy Steps to Buy Homeowner’s Insurance

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Sold home photo

5 EASY STEPS to Buy Homeowner’s Insurance Contact your insurance agent to provide the address, and other information about your home so they can shop our 25+ insurance companies to find the best rates and coverage available. Provide the agent with your lender’s contact information if applicable. Once your policy is quoted and a closing … More

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Family Owned Insurance Agency

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Have you ever been frustrated calling a call center? Coverage Pro is a family owned and operated insurance agency in Brevard County, Melbourne, FL. We started in 1980 and pride ourselves on delivering old fashioned customer service.  

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25% of FL Drivers Have No Auto Insurance

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Jeep Wreck

According to the division of insurance fraud, up to 25% of Florida drivers carry no insurance at all. This means you cannot count on other drivers to repair your vehicle, reimburse you for medical expenses, or compensate your for other injuries you sustain in a car accident. You must carry your own uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself … More

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Florida Today: Jury Awards Man $6 million to Badly Injured Brevard Man

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Pineda small

According to Florida today, a man involved in a automobile/ motor scooter accident was awarded $6 Million by the Brevard County circuit courts this week as compensation for the injuries he sustained in the accident. This is one of many examples of large judgments being awarded in auto accident cases and demonstrates the need for EVERYONE to carry … More

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Viera Wetlands

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Viera Wetlands

Check out this photo from the Viera, FL Wetlands. Did you know that west of Viera the St Johns Water Management District has a network of trails that will lead all the way to the St. John’s River. http://www.spacecoasteco.com/2009/04/river-lakes-conservation-area-moccasin.html  

Melbourne Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums Reduced

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It has been over ten years since a hurricane has hit the Brevard County coast and insurance companies are feeling the itch to grow in Florida once again.  For the past several months a number of homeowners insurance companies that we represent have implemented lower rates on Melbourne homeowners policies.  Not only are they lowering rates but they … More

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