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Wind Mitigation Inspection Discounts

If you have homeowner’s insurance in Brevard County you have most likely dealt with Wind Mitigation Inspection discounts.

The purpose of the Wind Mitigation Inspection is to verify qualities of your home that will help deter damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. One of the largest discounts that can be obtained is from the roof to wall attachment system.

To verify the roof to wall attachments your home utilizes, your wind mitigation inspector will access your attic and visually identify the type of tie downs your home uses.

The common methods used are toe nails, hurricane clips, hurricane straps, and if your roof is concrete, it may have structural attachments.

Toe nails are the weakest form of attachment and yield no discounts while structural attachments are the strongest, but are not common in residential homes.

The most common attachments are hurricane clips and straps.

Hurricane clips are described as metal connectors attached to the top plate of a wall and truss using nails that do not wrap over the top of the truss or rafter.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Discounts

Hurricane Clip

Hurricane straps are described as metal connectors that meet the conditions of hurricane clips, but also wrap of the top of the truss or rafter and are secured with a minimum of 2 nails on the front side of the truss and 1 nail on the opposite side of the truss.

Wind Mitigaiton Inspection Discounts

Hurricane Strap








Hurricane straps yield a higher discount than clips since they are a more robust tie down system.

Your insurance agent must have a good understanding of your wind mitigation inspection discounts in order to save on your home insurance. Roof to wall attachments are one of the most important criteria to consider. Call Coverage Pro Insurance in Melbourne, Florida and we will evaluate your inspections and maximize your discounts!






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