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Business insurance protects against more than financial losses

There is so much at stake when you own and operate a business, whether we are talking about a large corporation or mom-and-pop shop. Aside from the financial losses that can result from the lack of adequate insurance coverage; customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation are also on the line. As a business owner, you understand what is at stake and you strive to address the daily challenges you face.

At Coverage Pro, we are proud to support the businesses of Melbourne and surrounding communities. No matter what your commercial insurance needs are, we provide you with a one-stop shopping experience, saving you time and money. Having been in the business since 1980, our agents know how to accurately assess risks, determine the legal requirements of your individual operation, and navigate multiple carriers to get you competitive rates.

Independent insurance agents represent 80% of the nation’s businesses

We understand that insurance needs vary between businesses. Whether you own a chain of restaurants, run an accounting firm, or are a contractor, we work with you to make sure that you have the coverage that is appropriate for your business. Regardless of the nature of your business; there are certain policies every business owner can benefit from, these include:

• Commercial vehicle insurance
• Commercial property insurance
• General liability
• Professional liability

Florida has many small- to medium-size businesses and along with other industries, we recognize that tourism has had a huge impact on our state’s success. With so many tourism-related businesses, we work hard to meet their unique needs and we specialize in offering insurance for this market from condos and homeowner associations to rental car agencies.

A strong policy will protect your hard work from the unthinkable. Coverage Pro promises to offer you a coverage package with a personal touch, so give us a call at 877-491-8723 to learn more.

Cyber & Technology

In an ever growing and expanding industry, technology companies face a wide variety of unique risks. This means tech companies need unique insurance coverage to protect themselves. Coverage Pro Insurance has the experience and products to provide the special coverage a tech company needs.

Software developers may find themselves in a lawsuit because they were not able to deliver work on time. Despite repeated change orders which slowed down progress, the client wants to hold the developer responsible for lost profits.

IT companies may experience a data security breach and their client’s confidential data and customer information is stolen, or held for ransom.

Contracts are often challenged in court and are not a guarantee your company is free from risk. The right insurance products will defend your company in these kind of situations.

In addition to the standard coverages all businesses need we can provide:

•Technology errors and omissions liability
•Network and information security liability
•Communications and media liability
•Employed legal professional liability
•Expense reimbursement
•Information security liability

Contact Mark Filichia for more information about our unique technology insurance program
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