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Commercial Property Insurance

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Property insurance covers losses associated with buildings and contents

Commercial property insurance may sound complex, but having an experienced agency like Coverage Pro on your side can set your mind at ease. Located in Melbourne, we have been in the business since 1980, so we have the know-how to shop the major carriers and get you the discounts you deserve, making us a one-stop shop for many Florida businesses.

Commercial property coverage protects your business from problems that can potentially turn into huge financial losses. It can cover losses due to many situations including theft, vandalism, smoke, and fire. Just think of the damage a fire or burst pipes could do to your building, not to mention a natural disaster. While we customize each insurance package to fit our client’s needs, a basic commercial property policy will cover things like:
• Your commercial building
• Outdoor signs
• Inventory
• Furniture
• Equipment
• Landscaping

Wind causes costly damages in Florida

Florida residents and business owners alike know how much damage wind can cause to property. Like many business owners throughout the state, you may benefit from adding wind coverage to your commercial insurance policy for an extra protection since it covers damages caused by windstorms, including hurricanes.

Coverage Pro understands the Florida market

Florida is home to a variety of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups. Whether you own a modest office building, a tourism adventure, upscale restaurant, rental property, a technology company, or your own unique venture, Coverage Pro will put together a package that caters to your specific business insurance needs. A commercial property policy is a safeguard for your business. Discover how a friendly, independent agency like Coverage Pro can support you through the life of your business. Call one of our agents at 877-491-8723 for more information or for a free quote.

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