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Condo Insurance

Condo living is the norm in the Sunshine State, and for good reason. Beachside condos allow residents and visitors alike to experience the natural beauty of our state, and many enjoy the sense of community and laid back lifestyle this living arrangement brings. If you live in, own, or rent a condo, it is important to have a suitable condo insurance policy.

Located in Melbourne, Coverage Pro Insurance specializes in all types of condo insurance policies. Whether you own a rental property in Palm Bay or live in a beachside condo association, our friendly agents can determine the level of coverage you need and shop around to find a policy that works within your budget.

Condos offer a leisurely lifestyle

There are plenty of reasons to live in a condo. There are no operating costs, no yard work to deal with, and most condos offer security that you simply can’t find in other communities. Condo associations also bear some of the insurance responsibility, so common areas, the building itself, walkways, and hallways are typically covered by the association. This means the tenant is only responsible for buying a policy that includes:

  • Personal possessions
  • Liability protection
  • Additional living expenses

Condo insurance covers all of these things and protects you from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, burst pipes, electrical surges, and more. At Coverage Pro we can tailor a policy to your specific needs and ensure you have the protection your living situation requires.

Your condo association can charge you if a loss occurs

It is important to understand loss assessment when purchasing condo insurance. Any loss that is greater than your condo association’s coverage could result in you being charged for the difference. Having a condo policy means that you are covered for paying up to that loss assessment limit, which makes condo insurance even more important.

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