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Florida residents make over 2,000 flood claims each year

Florida is considered a high-risk state when it comes to flooding and other natural disasters, which makes having flood insurance essential for residents. Even if you live inland, the risk of flood damage is always a possibility, so why take any chances?

The professionals at Coverage Pro treat you like so much more than a policy number. You’ve worked too hard to risk losing property and belongings to water damage. We want to help determine your individual risks and discover how to best approach your coverage options.

Flash floods cause substantial damage

Flash flooding is a grim reality for Florida residents, but other causes of water damage can be included in a flood insurance policy. These include damages resulting from:

• Plumbing issues
• Air conditioning leaks
• Heavy rain
• Broken sewer lines
• Backed-up drains

A flood insurance policy covers you when the worst storms hit, giving you the financial resources to rebuild and replace lost possessions, so you and your family can get back on track with your lives.

Florida residents pay the lowest average flood premium

Thanks to the National Flood Insurance Program, Florida has the lowest average insurance premiums in the country. This may seem surprising, considering that more than half of all flood insurance claims come from Florida, but the federal flood program alleviates much of the burden. This means that the cost of flood insurance doesn’t have to weigh you down. An affordable policy will give you peace of mind and protect you if the worst case scenario happens; making it one of the most important policies you can buy.

To learn more, call Coverage Pro at 877-491-8723 and speak with one of our friendly agents. We’re more than happy to discuss your insurance options and provide you with a free quote to get the ball rolling.

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