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Only 31% of Florida renters have renters insurance

Compared to homeowners, renters often go without insurance because they don’t think they need the coverage and may think it is too expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, renters insurance is very affordable. It’s one of the most affordable insurance policies on the market, so there’s no reason to neglect protecting your assets with rental coverage.

Located in Melbourne, Coverage Pro specializes in policies for tenants who live in all sorts of rental properties, from apartment complexes to beachside condos. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of integrity in our business practices, being a trustworthy advocate for all our clients.

The property owner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover everything

In Florida, your landlord is responsible for keeping an insurance policy that covers the rental property. This includes the property structure, but not anything contained within the rental. A basic renters insurance policy will cover:

• Personal property and possessions
• Liability
• Additional living expenses

An affordable renters policy from Coverage Pro will cover a variety of scenarios, from unexpected lawsuits resulting from a guest injuring himself in your home to paying for temporary living arrangements during an apartment renovation.

Renters are more likely to experience theft

A renter is 50% more likely to be a victim of theft than a homeowner. A good renters insurance policy protects you against financial losses associated with burglaries and vandalism, so you can replace lost and damaged property quickly. With so many advantages to having a renters policy, it’s surprising that so many choose to forgo this affordable and valuable insurance solution.

The friendly agents at Coverage Pro are happy to offer you a list of quotes and discuss your coverage options. Contact us at 877-491-8723 to learn more, and experience the difference a trustworthy, one-stop agency can make.

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